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Company Overview

China First Capital Group Limited ("the Group") is a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 1269), headquartered in Hong Kong and has branches in major cities in China, including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Singapore and the United Kingdom, with educational resources all over the main area of the world. Before 2014, the Group was mainly engaged in the automotive parts business. Since the end of 2014, the Group has started moving into the financial services business, providing services such as dealing in securities, underwriting and placing of securities, financing consultancy, merger and acquisition agency, financial advisory, asset management, private equity fund management, credit financing and migration financial services. Since 2016, the Group has continued to diversify its business, with education investment as cornerstone and financial services and education operation as support to the Group. The combination of the three key operations has enabled the Group to achieve a balanced development. The Group is aspired to build a platform for education operation, investment and financing in the education sector, powered by “Education Operation and Financial Services” dual-pronged strategy. These efforts can facilitate the Group’s dedication to operation in and integration of high-quality education enterprises, and provide education institutions with investment and financing channels and advisory services thereby connecting the education industry to capital markets and discovering and adding to the value of education companies.

In addition, the Group’s business development strategy has continued to enjoy wide recognition. The Company was selected as a constituent of the MSCI China Small Cap Index Series in June 2016, and thereafter being selected as a constituent of MSCI Global Standard Indexes and MSCI China All Shares Index in May 2018. Also, the Company was selected as a constituent of the FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan Index Series in March 2017 and the Hang Seng Composite Index Series and Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index Series in March 2018.

In terms of education operation, the Group is focused on exploring, cultivating, investing in and operating quality education assets. While selectively developing segments that are fit for the predominant market trends of the education industry and unique characteristics of Chinese education demand, it focused on investing in benchmark assets and bolt-on assets in the segments of childhood education, K-12 education, vocational (training) education, and media and arts education. In addition, the Group also put forth its effort to develop education management service, optimize allocation of education assets, promote project synergy and integration, explore the potential of education assets and enhance their intrinsic value to establish the core competitiveness of the Group.

In the area of financial services, the Group wholly owns First Capital Asset Management Limited, which is granted SFC types 1, 4 and 9 licenses (dealing in securities, advising on securities, and asset management), First Capital Securities Limited, which is granted SFC Type 1 and 4 licenses, (dealing in securities and advising on securities), and First Capital International Finance Limited, which is granted SFC Type 6 license (advising on corporate finance), Stirling Coleman Capital Limited, which has obtained the license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct regulated financial activities in relation to securities trading and advising on corporate finance in Singapore, First Capital Fund Management Company Limited, who is registered as private equity fund managers with Asset Management Association of China and First Capital International Holdings Limited, which principally engages in migration financial services, altogether give full play to the Group’s advantages of earning various financial licenses and its well-established financial services system to actively develop an optimized and comprehensive range of businesses.

Distribution of Educational Resources

The Group’s automotive parts business will continue to aim for “Top Quality and Customer Satisfaction” by strengthening implementation of its quality system, deepening the reform of its performance remuneration and employment systems, improving product quality and customer satisfaction, and continuing to capitalize on its existing brand and technical advantages. On top of consolidating existing markets, the Group will continue to explore the untapped market potential in depth and develop new markets.