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Corporate Social Responsibility

CFCG believes that the long-term development of a company should be based on living up to the firm commitments that it has made to its stakeholders and the community in which it operates. Thus, in addition to striving to provide shareholders with satisfactory returns on their investment, CFCG attaches great importance to fulfilling what it sees as its corporate social responsibility and is committed to nurturing a corporate culture that cares for its community, allocating resources to areas in which it operates to support and promote the development of arts and culture.

  • CFCG joins SAHK’s “Happy Easter Gala”

    26 March 2018, the volunteer team of CFCG joined the “Happy Easter Gala” organised by SAHK on Easter Eve and celebrated the festival with disadvantaged children, to express their care for the disadvantaged children in action and convey love to them in the community. The members of the volunteer team spent a wonderful Easter with the youngsters fashioning festive handicraft items, playing group games and decorating Easter eggs together.