Financial Services

With the advantages of earning various financial licenses and its well-established financial services system, the Group offers a range of complementary services including investment, M&A, securities trading, asset management, financial credit and migration financial services, which can fully complement the investment in the entire education value chain, allow it to provide services that meet all cross-border investment and financing needs of Chinese enterprises, including Pre-IPO, financial advisers, underwriting, cornerstone investment, M&A and other services.

Major Financial Services Subsidiaries:

Granted SFC licenses for dealing in securities and advising on securities (Type 1 and 4)Granted SFC licenses for dealing in securities, advising on securities and asset management (Type 1,4 and 9)Granted SFC license for advising on corporate finance and providing advisory services on issues relating to "Takeovers Code" (Type 6)A private M&A fund company focusing on investment in the education and finance industriesLicensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore to be IPO Issue Manager, Underwriter & Placement Agent, FA/IFA for listed companies in SingaporeAn all-rounded education service and migration financial service platform, integrates international and domestic quality resources through the combination and mutual improvement between education and finance

Successful Cases: