Introducing to China the renowned overseas education brands

The strong demand for international education in China has led to the steady increase in private international schools in the country, and some international courses at public schools became private operations. Besides, more and more international schools are tapping the capital market for funds to expand their networks to cover other provinces and cities. The private international education sector in China enters into the booming stage.

As pointed out in the last two issues, the increasing number of affluent families and parents willing to invest in quality international education for their children at all cost are fuelling the demand for international courses in the PRC. As a result, the sector has flourished in recent years. However, lacking adequate teaching and other educational resources, private high schools in China have difficulty in offering quality international courses.

Dedicated to developing a strong education investment business, China First Capital Group (1269) makes sure it can offer quality international courses via partnership with international education institutions. For instance, it recently announced the cooperation among Xishan Schools it held, Beijing Experimental Foreign Language School (“BEFS”), which it invested in along with other institutions through FC Fund, one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, as well as the British prestigious school Kingswood School to offer the Kingswood elite education program in China. When the program is launched in September at the start of the new school year, local students will be able to receive elite education recognized both in China and internationally, without having to travel to study abroad in the UK.

The Kingswood elite education program to be jointly offered by Xishan Schools, BEFS and Kingswood is designed and will be taught by the top-notch teaching team from Kingswood. Students who complete the course will receive a graduate certificate from Kingswood School and will be able to attend the British A-level examinations. The leading international program taught by high-calibre tutors will offer a direct channel for Chinese students to pursue further study in famous schools overseas.

With over 350 years of history, Kingswood School has an excellent reputation in the UK and internationally, and all of its graduates thus far have been admitted to top universities. In 2016, it was named one of the “Top 10 Co-Educational Boarding Schools” selected among more than 820 boarding schools in the UK, and was “The Best School” on the A-Level academic ranking list of private schools. It was also one of the top 10 schools in terms of academic value-added among approximately 10,000 public and private co-educational schools in the UK. These accolades are proof of Kingswood’s outstanding achievements in nurturing talent.

The collaboration with Kingswood in offering international courses demonstrates the well-recognised quality of CFCG’s education investment projects, which included Xishan Schools and BEFS amongst others. While renowned for its professional training on football, martial arts, arts and sports, Xishan Schools support all-round development of its students and has a comprehensive K-12 education system comprising kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school. As for BEFS, it is a private college with middle school and high school which offers internationalized cross-disciplinary courses with Chinese characteristics. Among all private schools in Beijing, BEFS has the highest university admission rate with 100% of its graduates entering famous local and overseas universities. BEFS also offers international courses including middle school, sixth form, high school and university foundation level courses to students whom are planning to pursue overseas study.

CFCG will continue to explore cooperation with distinguished education brands in the international market. It hopes to bring into China the education concepts, programs and teaching resources from leading overseas brands to the benefit of Chinese students, and also PRC schools that they may enhance their value and, for overseas schools, to enter into China and tap a rich new student source. It is an “all-win” scenario that the Group is working hard to achieve.