Top educational consultancy firm The Parthenon Group – helps CFCG plan global education investment strategy


On November 3, 2016, China First Capital Group ("CFCG"; stock code: 1269) held at its headquarters in Shenzhen the Phase I Briefing Session at which Parthenon, a world-leading educational consultancy, hired by it reported progress on helping CFCG devise its global education investment strategy.

Dr. Wilson Sea, Chairman and Executive Director of CFCG; Ms. Li Dan, Executive Director of CFCG; Mr. Yan Haiting, Executive Director and President of CFCG; Mr. Henry Hao, Executive President of CFCG and Chairman of First Capital Fund Management Limited (“FC Fund”); other executives of CFCG and representatives of FC Fund partners; Mr. Karan, senior partner of Parthenon; Mr. Anip Sharma, Vice President of Parthenon; and other members of the team exchanged views and discussed the global education trends and the CFCG's strategy.

As a top educational strategy consultancy, Parthenon started with providing a comprehensive analysis of the development trend of global education investment. Then, Mr. Karan discussed with senior leaders of the Group on education areas of common pursuit including studying abroad, pre-school education, K12 and international schools. He also shared information of major transactions undertaken by education enterprises around the world in the decade, and analyzed in-depth global benchmark cases, to provide effective strategic guidance and recommendations to help CFCG's global education investment for realizing the vision of becoming the most influential education investment group.

Dr. Sea said CFCG is actively developing a comprehensive investment plan that covers its entire education industrial chain, striving to build a diversified education investment platform with a “Chinese perspective” and powered by its “Education + Finance” platform. To this end, CFCG has hired Parthenon, a world-leading educational strategy consultancy, to provide the Group with strategic advice with regard to its investment plan in the global education industry. Newton once said, “If I can look further, it is because I am standing on the shoulder of a giant.” The in-depth cooperation between CFCG and Parthenon will give CFCG the most up-to-date and most valuable guidance on resources integration and strategic directions on investment and M&A in education in the international market.