CFCG commences strategic cooperation with Education Department of Jiangxi Province to aid innovation and development of Jiangxi's education industry


On October 31, 2016, sponsored by the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government and organized by her Department of Education, the "Jiangxi Education Cooperation Project Matchmaking Conference" was held at the Jiangxi Grand Hotel in Beijing. The event also had the support of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Office of the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government in Beijing, and governments of key regions and municipalities. Present at the conference were Mr. Tang Jianren, Vice Chairman of Provincial CPPCC; Mr. Ye Rensun, Provincial Education Department Director; Mr. Zhang Taiqing, Ministry of Education Development and Planning Division Inspector; and other officials. Dr. Wilson Sea, Chairman and Executive Director of China First Capital Group ("CFCG" or the "Group"; stock code 1269), and Mr. Henry Hao, Chairman of First Capital Fund Management Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, also attended the event as important business representatives.

Before the conference, Mr. Tang extended a warm welcome to the guests and held talks with important business representatives. During the talks, Mr. Tang said it was the first time Jiangxi province included educational topics in its project matchmaking conference aiming at rallying investment. The move represented the aspiration of the province to, through facilitating sharing of educational resources on different fronts and matching investors and projects, create the "Jiangxi Model" that supports the pooling of capital, talent and technology for building an open education industry. Dr. Sea supported Mr. Tang on his plan for Jiangxi's education industry and said the educational industry is ushering in a golden period of vigorous development, and that Jiangxi, rich with educational resources and has a favorable investment environment, has great educational development prospects. He added that CFCG also plans to actively invest in Jiangxi to help boost development of her education industry.

In his speech at the conference, Mr. Ye elaborated the advantages and development potentials of the education industry in Jiangxi Province. He proposed to encourage active involvement of social entities and private capital in the education industry, to vigorously enhance the attractiveness, reach and influence of Jiangxi Province's education industry to the outside world.

As an important business representative, Mr. Hao spoke on "Making use of capital to boost private education". Speaking as a banker with over 30 years of experience in the financial sector who cares about education and from an investor’s perspective, he discussed the current development of the education industry and CFCG's advantages and achievements in that area. He believed that the China Dream is a dream for a powerful nation and also for her people to have good education. At present, China's private education is presented with unprecedented and great development opportunities. The country's education supply side reform, the Amendment to the Private Education Promotion Law allowing private schools to make profit, among other favorable policies, have sped up securitization of private educational assets. FC Fund focuses on investment and acquisition along the education industry chain under the new circumstance. It has begun strategic cooperation with many educational and financial industry leaders, domestic and international, building on its "Education + Finance" business strategy, and has set up education M&A funds. Together with its partners, FC Fund will work hard to assist informatization and internationalization of the education industry in China.

As the birthplace of the Red Revolution in China, Jiangxi has a long history of cultural heritage and a tradition that advocates academic freedom, as evidenced by the saying "Schools in Jiangxi are among the best in the world". Commenting on the education market in Jiangxi, Mr. Hao said related assets in the region are undervalued and have little exposure to international investors, thus have great potential for value improvement, especially in the areas of private vocational education and K12 international education. FC Fund will cooperate and exchange ideas with quality education institutions in key cities of Jiangxi keeping in mind the long-term development needs of education in the province. It will bring in well-known, high-end international educational institutions, push for two-way sharing of resources in the areas of education investment, teaching management models, brand management, teaching personnel, curriculum designs and so on, to help enhance the education industry in Jiangxi.

At the project matchmaking conference, Dr. Sea, on behalf of CFCG, and Deputy Director Huiwen Yang, on behalf of the Education Department of Jiangxi Province, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Hao and Mr. Yunbao Wan, partner of the FC Fund, signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with parties which quality projects were featured at the conference, including Nanchang Baishu Education Group, Jiujiang Science and Engineering Vocational Technical School, Yugan County Blue Sky Experimental School, Yugan County Private Blue Sky High School, Nanchang Vocational Institute of Film and Television Communication, Guangfeng No. 1 High School, and Jiangxi Institute of Applied Science and Technology. Dr. Sea said the signing of the served to boost CFCG's education business layout. In the future, he said, the Group will rely on its own professional team and resource advantages and work together with the education market in Jiangxi in terms of fund raising, education investment, industry integration, value management and international cooperation to promote diversification of the education industry in Jiangxi.