CFCG joins hands with the famed Kingswood School from Britain to build an international education brand


On October 10, China First Capital Group Limited ("CFCG"; stock code: 1269.HK) held a signing ceremony in Shenzhen of a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Kingswood School, a British elitist Methodist school. Present at the ceremony were Dr. Wilson Sea, Chairman and Executive Director of CFCG; Mr. Henry Hao, Chairman of First Capital Fund Management Limited ("FC Fund"); Ms. Sun Bo, Deputy CEO of CFCG; Ms. Liu Chang, Operations Director of CFCG; Mr. Bai Zimin, Chairman of First Capital Education Investment (Shenzhen) Co, Ltd.; Ms. Sabrina Cheung, partner of First Capital Fund; Mr. Timothy Westbrook, Chairman of Board of Directors of Kingswood School, and Mr. Simon Morris, President of Kingswood School. Dr. Sea and Mr. Westbrook signed the MOU on behalf of the two parties, stating their intention of developing an all-round long-term partnership and the plan to jointly establish Kingswood International School in China, thereby introduce the brand and quality education resources of Kingswood into China and together build an international education chain brand.

The day before, Mr. Westbrook and Mr. Morris visited CFCG Hong Kong headquarters and exchanged views with Dr. Sea and Mr. Hao, reaching a consensus on the future cooperation between CFCG and Kingswood.

Since adopting its "Education + Finance" business strategy, CFCG has been committed to integrating global quality education resources, pursuing mergers and acquisitions or acquisition of quality education resources, as well as establishing extensive partnerships with a number of well-known domestic and foreign educational institutions, seeking to lay out a global system for investment along the education industry chain. And Britain has a rich pool of quality educational resources by world standard, thus is one of CFCG's targeted regions for strategic development.

Kingswood School, founded in 1748, has a history of 268 years and excellent educational resources and a great reputation. It is one of the cradles of students for world-top universities including the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. The British Ministry of Education placed it among the top 10 schools in the UK in terms the value it adds to student education. The cooperation between CFCG and Kingswood will allow the Group to apply the advantages of its "Education + Finance" driven operation, link up in various aspects with Kingswood's resources and bring in Kingswood’s excellent education concept, teaching model, teaching staff, curriculum standards and management system. Together, the two parties can create an international education brand with an international outlook and local characteristics, thereby help optimize and upgrade CFCG's education operations and speed up the setup of an international investment network by the Group.

After the MOU was signed, Kingswood will visit and study some institutions of higher learning that CFCG is investing in or cooperating with to help the ironing out of the scope of cooperation in the future. Both parties plan to, starting in January 2017, have exchange activities with CFCG to organize the first group of exchange students to the UK and an international class teacher interaction program, and Kingswood to launch the first batch of joint international classes in China in September.