CFCG Hires World-class Education Business Advisor Parthenon Group to Help It Map out Global Development Strategy


China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG” or “the Group”; stock code: 1269) and The Parthenon Group, world-class education business advisory firm, kicked off a joint project to explore global education industrial chain strategy, marking the beginning of CFCG’s full-out effort to draw up its global business development plan. The kick-off meeting was held at the Shenzhen office of CFCG subsidiary First Capital Fund Management Limited (“First Capital Fund”) and chaired by Mr. Victor He, CFCG’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer. The other participants included Dr. Wilson Sea, Chairman of the Board of CFCG, Mr. Henry Hao, Chairman of First Capital Fund and senior management of CFCG, representatives of First Capital Fund’s partners, and from Parthenon Group, its Partner Abhinav Mital, Vice President Anip Sharma and the project team.

Dr. Sea said, “Since CFCG started transforming its business in 2014, it has worked hard at building a financial platform to support integrated education investment and operation. As a financial service institution with “full licence”, the Group is driven by “Education + Finance” development approach, guiding it firmly on the path of deployment and execution of it global education investment strategy. Its overall business reach has extended from within mainland China to overseas, effected via equity investment and mergers and acquisitions underscored mainly by its aim for strategic and business synergies from promoting cooperation and interaction between education resources at home and overseas. And, also, through providing funds as an incubator, it endeavours to bring in more social resources so that the education sector may leverage the capital market to achieve better development.”

Corporate strategy is in effect a corporation’s development blueprint. With economic globalisation a prevailing trend and the unfolding of the information era characterised by high mobility and interconnectivity, CFCG has its arm opened to the world and will keep expanding in all the different dimensions of the education industry. And, Parthenon Group, as a world-class advisor on education business strategy, boasts an undertaking of more than 1,000 related projects in over 60 countries in the past decade. The launch of the project represents the hiring of Parthenon Group by CFCG to help it draw up a global education industry business development plan, a booster for the Group in enlarging coverage of the global education investment market and a key means to help it quickly extend reach and choreograph its tactics on the international stage.

To support and assist CFCG, Parthenon Group will provide the Group with strategic advice on its education industry layout. Drawing on its research findings and insights on the global education market, the expertise of its dedicated think tank and its formidable worldwide project experiences, it will compile for CFCG a research report containing the most valuable reference for the Group to identify opportunities with the most potential in the education industry projects that it may realise integration and linkage of resources, from in and outside China, and enhance its diverse business portfolio, brand presence and value-added service capability.