CFCG successfully acquired land parcel at core district of Chengdu and set up the headquarters of education and cultural industry in Chenghua


On 26 December, China First Capital International Education New Town Holding Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG”, stock code: 1269) acquired the land lot No. 213 on Xinhong Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu (Lot no. CH15 (211): 2017-062) at a total consideration of RMB156,302,650 (approximately RMB156 million). The land parcel has a site area of 7,018.76 sq.m. (10.5281 mus), a total planned GFA of 23,863 sq.m and a transaction price per floor area of RMB6,550/sq.m.

Location of the land parcel

Located in Chenghua District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the headquarters occupies the last premium area in Chengdu First Ring which has high population density and convenient transportation networks. As one of the 11 municipal districts in Chengdu, Chenghua District is the center of the city where most of the resources go in east Chengdu. It is regarded as the “Essence of Chengdu” and was awarded various titles such as the “District with the Most Investment Potential in Commercial Properties in China (中國商業地產最具投資潛力城區)”, “National Model in Building Harmonious Communities” (全國和諧社區建設示範城區), “National Culturally Advanced District” (全國文化先進區), “District with the Most Investment Potential in China (中國最具投資價值城區) ” and the “Happiest City in China (中國最具幸福感城區)”.

Visual illustration of the project

The project is situated on a square land lot with a site area of 7,018.76 sq.m. and has a construction scale of 30,000 sq.m. It is planned to develop into an educational and cultural complex with training on education and unique cultures as its main features, accompanied by integrated commercial projects. Mr. Wan Yunbao, the chairman of China First Capital International Education New Town Holding Limited, stated that the launch of the headquarters project has introduced a new development model for investment in and operation of CFCG’s education business. The successful model will lay a solid foundation for the promotion and growth of CFCG in the country.