LI Minwen, the Chief Operating Officer of CFCG: "Enlightenment" comes from "Knowing", externalizing into "Behavior"——Knowing and Enlightenment of the Core Value of the CFCG Corporate Culture


Only corporate culture can make a corporate have the vitality of life, making it has a symbol of true personality to have the basis for survival, development and growth, and providing service for the whole society. The upgrade of the version 2.0 corporate culture of CFCG has become the cognition, recognition and practice in both mind and behavior of all staff in CFCG. The fourth stage of Culture Lecture Hall was the wonderful sharing of LI Minwen, the Chief Operating Officer and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Financial Group Limited, and her team.

Part I: CFCG "6+1" dream team, let's share the "knowing", "Enlightment" and "Behavior" of the CFCG culture

At the scene, Ms. LI Minwen mentioned in her speech that "learning is thought, thought makes enlightment, and enlightment facilitates behavior". The forming of the corporate culture cannot rely solely on “knowing” or “enlightenment. The ears, the head, and the mind interact with each other. If you don't know what you are doing and don't understand what you want, the effect of externalization in bebavior will be greatly reduced. Therefore, CFCG corporate culture should be the process of mutual understanding between knowing and doing, and it is also a gradual process from "Knowing" to "Enlightenment" and externalization into "Behavior".

The “knowing” of the CFCG corporate culture means that each employee knows the corporate culture in CFCG. Someone once said: "A person's habit is called character, the habit of ten people is called the ethos, while the habit of a hundred people is called culture." From this point of view, the CFCG corporate culture is actually the behavioral habit of CFCG.

The essence of CFCG corporate culture is not imagined and fabricated, but be condensed through the summary of many years develoopment of CFCG after determing the direction of development of the enterprise by bottom-up, top-down discussion and post-processing.

"Enlightenment" lies in the employee's understanding of the meaning of corporate culture. In CFCG corporate culture, employees shall not recognize, acknowledge and fully understand the connotation of the CFCG culture and the its development history and story. Only by deeply understanding the cultural heritage of the company can employees keep up with the development pace of his/her company.

"Behavior" means that employees will implement the corporate culture. "Externalization in hebavior" means that employees understand and accept this culture through individual people and things, and make them to be their driving force behind the work. With the culture suitable for the company and characters and teams that interpret these cultures, it is necessary to combine ideas and actions.

Importance and Key Points of Communication——Ray Ou Yang – Deputy Head of First Capital Asset Management

Communication is the process of passing facts, thought, ideas, feelings, values and attitudes to another person or group.

Effective communication should include: Choosing the right person, choosing the right time, choosing the right method, and choosing the right thing. Successful managers make 80% of their time for communication. They must be effective communicators and good time managers because they know how to use their own hearts to understand the heart that touches each other. Effective communication allows us to get a lot of information about customers, management, colleagues, industry, during work, thus solving problems and achieving ideal communication.

The Principles of Success – Eric CHAN, Assistant Manager of the Hong Kong Finance Department

Bi Shumin, a famous writer and psychologist, once said: "Two things should be avoided in your life: One is to affect others by your mouth, and the other is to decide your life by brain of others."

As the saying goes, "From the ridge or peak, the distances between the different levels." We must always keep our own subjective consciousness and opinions, and adhere to principles during the work. The so-called principle refers to the criteria for observing problems, dealing with problems, or the criteria on which to speak and act. The book Principle by Ray Dalio recommended by CFCG writes that: Values are things that you think are important and valuable; and if you want to obey your values in life, what you need is principles. Principles connect values and actions. It just like a beacon that guides action and helps you successfully deal with the realities of life. When faced with a dilemma, following the principles can make things easier.

Good Learning, Good Thinking, Good Deeds, Unity of Knowledge and Practice——WANG Yanming, Administrative Manager of Hong Kong Operation Department

Good learners, dummy long to make up the short. The starting point for learning is problem, not knowledge. People gain inspiration from questions and get ideas in discussions. Communication with others and open-ended questions can gain directions and inspirations from others. "One might have learned the doctrine earlier than the other, or might be a master in his own special field", but only those who dare to seek advice with humility will gain more. In the financial industry, outstanding talent is the most important asset. As a professional and knowledge-intensive organization, the difference in the competitiveness of the financial industry depends on the thinking, creativity and execution ability of its employees.

The Power of Belief ——Peter YIP, Vice President of First Capital Securities

Belief is a magical power. Believe that your company has unlimited possibilities. Under the power of belief, every employee will work hard and the company will grow stronger and stronger.

Competitiveness improvment means strengthening evolution, innovation and learning, and creating a first-class education investment bank with characteristics ——Cameron MA, Managing Director of First Capital International Financial

The successful case of a world-famous chain convenient store makes us realize that continuous learning and innovation will enable a company to stand out in the ever-changing market competition. From the perspective of the CFCG investment bank, the CFCG will also practice and explore evolution force, learning capacity and innovation. We will take root in education, innovate financial products, understand the true demands of our customers, and create a first-class education investment bank with distinctive characteristics.

Executive force and treatment of law compliance in the integration of China and Hong Kong——Willy Ng, Compliance director of Hong Kong Legal Compliance Department

Compliance is an inherent requirement for the steady operation of the company, a responsibility that every employee must perform, and a powerful weapon to protect our own interests. Compliance is not a day's work, but a violation may be a momentary slip. Financial products are changing with each passing day due to changing regulatory requirements. Compliance laws require strong action and rapid response, strong logical thinking, flexibility, creativity, communication skills, friendly and responsible attitude, and rich professional knowledge; Adhering to the principle of not retreating and keeping sufficient professional knowledge on policies and regulations, industry standards and economic environment can realize sound and stable development of the company.

Part II: Mid-Autumn Special Edition of CFCG, Practice of corporate culture

In order to further enhance the exchange of learning and practice between Hong Kong and various regions, CFCG specially planned the Mid-Autumn Festival special event. Representatives of local employees shared their understanding and stories about the ideas advocated by the CFCG corporate culture. Employee representatives in CFCG also sent gifts for each other to express their feelings and blessings even in different cities.

At the end of the activity, CFCG held the signing ceremony of the “Low Carbon Office, Environmentally and Friendly Life” initiative to learn the skills and knowledge of low carbon and environmental protection during working life. Let us start from the details of office and life, start from scratch to save small energy and accumulate large resources, and strive to be the advocates, practitioners and propagators of “Low Carbon Office, Environmentally and Friendly Life” to jointly create the new green ecological civilization environment of CFCG!