Financial Services

The Group has obtained diversified financial service licenses and has established a consummate financial services system, With the advantages of earning various financial licenses and its well-established financial services system, which provides services such as listing sponsorship, underwriting and placing, dealing in securities, financing consultancy, merger and acquisition agency, financial advisory, asset management and private equity fund management. Upholding the operational philosophy and thought of education investment bank, the Group seeks to unleash the synergy between its financial services business and education operation business and features on educational financial services with other industries as complement in order commit to becoming an investment banking professional in the education industry.

Major Financial Services Subsidiaries:

Granted SFC licenses for dealing in securities and advising on securities (Type 1 and 4)Granted SFC licenses for dealing in securities, advising on securities and asset management (Type 1,4 and 9)Granted SFC license for advising on corporate finance (Type 6) to act as a sponsor for listing applicants in initial public offering and to advise the listed companies in relation to the “Takeover Codes” and the “Listing Rules”Licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore to be IPO Issue Manager, Underwriter & Placement Agent, FA/IFA for listed companies in Singapore

Successful Cases: