In recent years, the Chinese government has introduced a series of favorable policies for the education industry, ushering in a golden era of investment in China's private education sector. Private education is currently in a fast growth stage, as the market is scattered but the demand is high with potentially lucrative profits to be made – thus that sector has a promising future. As residents' disposable income increases in mainland China, education spending has annually risen, creating a huge demand in the education market. From the investment perspective, because there is high and stable rate of return which is little affected by economic cycles, many institutional investors have discovered the education industry to be a preferred target area for asset acquisition and financial investment.

CFCG has been actively seizing the opportunities in the promising industry and is focused on exploring, cultivating, investing in and operating quality education assets with emphasis on quality literacy education, featuring K-12 education, media arts education as well as international education, for the purpose of establishing its core business model . On the other hand, the Group intends to help improving China's education institutions to international standards and thereby achieving the goal of upgrading the overall industry by ‘Finance Empowers Education’. In addition, the Group has set up an education management company to optimising its allocation of education assets, promoting project synergy and integration in respect of curriculums, teachers, brands, and operation, and exploring the potentiality of education assets so as to increase their value and directly benefit the next generation and, ultimately, the nation.

In the future, the Group will leverage on its reservoir of educational talents, project investment experience, experience of management of physical schools, and innovation of business models to actively seize market opportunities, especially the new opportunities in business development brought by classified management, well-regulated development as well as diversification and integration of the private education industry. By doing so, the Group will further expand its presence across the global education market and develop new business type by creatively integrating different forms of educational resources. The Group will also be engaged in scientific and efficient operations management to achieve business restructuring, endogenous growth, and value appreciation, and it is committed to become an operation service professional in the education industry .

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