First Capital International Finance Limited

First Capital International Finance Limited, incorporated in Hong Kong in February 2016. It holds SFC license for dealing in securities (Type 1) 、advising on corporate finance (Type 6) to act as a sponsor for listing applicants in initial public offering and to advise the listed companies in relation to the “Codes on Takeovers and Mergers and Share Buy-back” and the “Listing Rules”.


1. Corporate Finance

1. IPO Sponsorship

  • To perform due diligence on the listing candidate as a sponsor, including financial due diligence , legal due diligence, business due diligence and valuation work
  • To coordinate intermediaries to perform listing work and prepare for listing documents and prospectuses
  • To be mainly responsible for the company's contact, communication and replies with the HKEX and the SFC
  • Post-listing compliance advisory services available

2. Acting as a financial advisor for M&A

  • To provide financial advisory on matters including financial, legal, commercial and valuation due diligence in relation to M&A target
  • To assist in arranging and coordinating the professional teams (such as lawyers, auditors and valuers) required to execute the project to perform M&A work
  • To integrate due diligence findings and make recommendations and to design M&A proposal
  • To assist clients in finding and screening strategic investors and/or cross-border M&A targets
  • To represent on behalf of the client to negotiate with the other parties in relation to the transaction

3. Acting as a financial advisor to listed companies

To design proposals for the clients and/or to advise the clients on financial matters for any projects and/or transactions involving HK-listed companies in compliance with applicable Hong Kong Listing Rules, and/or the GEM Listing Rules as well as the “Codes on Takeovers and Mergers and Share Buy-back”, including but not limited to:
  • M&A of controlling stake in HK–listed company
  • Feasibility studies on listing in HK
  • Notifiable transactions
  • Rights issue and placement
  • Application for resumption of trading
  • Connected transactions

2. Underwriting

1. Underwriting and placing equity capital and debt capital instruments

  • To arrange IPOs and underwriting and/or follow-on financing in the secondary capital market together with First Capital Securities under CFCG
  • To assist execution of underwriting and/or placing projects and formulate capital market transactions
  • To develop sales and roadshow plans
  • To promote sales to high net worth and professional investors

2. Referral of strategic investors

  • To refer strategic investors (if needed)
  • To maintain the strategic investors and professional intermediaries network

3. Direct Investment

1. Investment execution services

  • To provide financial advisory and execution services for private equity or direct investment projects for all investment units of the Group
  • To assist the Group in its own financing and portfolio investments

2. Direct Investment

  • To use the Group's own capital or market financing to directly meet customer funding needs and design customised financing options

For more information about First Capital International Finance, please feel free to contact First Capital International Finance representative:

Tel: 852 3166 6888