Lucy SUN - Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of CFCG: Educational Innovation under Product Thinking - Watching the Growth of Unicorns


The corporate culture of CFCG has been upgraded from Verison 1.0 to 2.0, which is based not only on the growth history of CFCG, but the positive thinking to meet the challenges of the future. In the continuous publicity and practice of the "Cultural Lecture Hall", senior leaders in CFCG continue to innovate their thinking and stimulate the awareness and thinking of CFCG employees through the lecture and discussion of different theme. In the fifth phase, Lucy SUN - Deputy CEO of CFCG and the Chairman of First Capital Education Investment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, brought an educational innovation under the product thinking to all employees.

Where does the business philosophy of the CFCG corporate culture come from?

CFCG extends from auto parts to financial services. In the constant evolution, it has expanded from finance to education investment operations, and it has undergone three changes and innovations in integrated mergers and acquisitions, financial services, and education operations. Facing the profound changes in the internal and external environment of the enterprise, the Group has always actively complied with the new economy and the new normal. Then, the Version 2.0 corporate culture of CFCG was born in the emancipation of the mind.

The corporate mission answers the question of "Why do we exist?", while the mission of CFCG is "Financial empowers education, Education changes fate." It reflects the lofty responsibility of CFCG in the education industry, showing the original intention and feelings of an educator. Through intensive cultivation in the education industry, the Group uses financial means to empower the education industry, bringing a sustainable, creative and changeable ecological development environment to the entire industry.

The corporate vision answers the question of “Where are we going?”, while the CFCG takes "To become a global financial services group with global influence" as its vision. It is not only the ideal blueprint for all staff in CFCG to fight for, but also the pursuit for implementation of our solemn mission. The Group allocates resources and expands its market with a global vision, and builds international competitiveness and realizes global development with a professional and efficient talent team and influential brand awareness.

The values answer the question "What should we do?" As the core values in CFCG, "Everything for the customer" is not only the core of the CFCG culture, but also the value standard and basic belief that shall be obeyed by all staff in CFCG; Let us work together with our customers to continuously exceed customer expectations and provide continuous customer value with our quality products and services.

The core cultural concept answers the question “What rules do we follow?” The core cultural philosophy of CFCG is: Belief, Gratitude, Tolerance, Communication, Learning, and Principle. These concepts are not only the general principles guiding management activities in CFCG, but the business philosophy that must be followed in order to fulfill our mission and vision. Meanwhile, they are also an extension of CFCG values in employee thinking and behavior to develop team temperament and spiritual outlook.

The golden rule in China First Capital Group is "Do to others as you would have them do to you." This golden rule is like an adherent moral bottom line and guidelines, alerting every CFCG employee to the inner attitude and behavior style, which is the seed of the CFCG in its survival and development.

Coincidence of product thinking and CFCG core values

The upgrade goal from version 1.0 to version 2.0 in CFCG focuses on the development of financial services and education management services that determines the thought of "Everything for clients" and "Productized Output, Customer Centricity".

The thinking is about the attribute, ability and process of logical derivation. Thinking is a very mysterious thing. The essence of product thinking is how to use existing resources to provide a solution at the most appropriate time and field to solve the needs of some people, and to continuously improve this solution from the perspective of these people. And it is related to product capabilities. The so-called product capability is to establish a cognitive framework of the system, teach us how to find the user, listen to the user, judge the user, establish a connection with the user and optimize and iterate in the feedback for the interaction. That it, we should establish a system ability to discover pain points, find broken points, start optimization and innovation, and gain insight into human nature to understand users.

Respect for the users runs through the life cycle of the product, from the user survey before the project is started, the user needs assessment of each project update to the empathy in the product design process. Users have different requirements for products at different stages of product: In the initial stage of the product, it is necessary to ensure the correct product direction with no principle error. At this time, the pain point requirement is the highest priority of the team; After a batch of seed users have been attracted, it is necessary to continue to expand the product influence. Then, the itch point demand becomes the direction in which the team needs to work on. After the product enters a stable period, we should make user feel the vitality of the product to delay the coming of decline phase of users loss. Then, the excavation of excitement needs shall become one of the focuses of team thinking.

During the operation of products and projects, CFCG shall also use product thinking to make deeper understanding and analysis on the customer needs regarding customers as the market center. Then, we should apply empathy and put ourselves into the role, living environment, way of thinking, and use scene of customers. CFCG expects to accompany the lifelong needs of customers and provide all-round service following the full life cycle of the corporate customers.

Finally, Ms. SUN Bo took the well-known unicorns in the education industry as the user portraits, and shared cases of user cognition, demand satisfaction, pain points, itchy points and excitement points finding, and product operation modes.