Dr. Wilson Sea, Chairman of the Board of CFCG and KSI Education Were Selected As Members of Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors of University of Oxford


With the outstanding contributions made to University of Oxford and modern education, Dr. Wilson Sea, the Chairman of the Board of China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG”) and KSI Education Ltd. (“KSI Education”) were selected as individual and institutional members of Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors of University of Oxford respectively. On September 19th local time, the New Member Ceremony of Admission was solemnly held in the Divinity School – the oldest building in Oxford University. In witness of the Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Deans of Colleges in University of Oxford and renowned persons from different fields.

Dr. Sea is a member of Harris Manchester College’s Board of Regents, and serves on the advisory board of the Wellbeing Research Center, based at the College. This time, he is admitted as an individual member of Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors– the highest honor in University of Oxford. 

KSI Education is an organization invested in education in both physical infrastructure and intellectual property. This includes investments into the development of schools, venture capital into educational technology, and the funding of educational and academic research. KSI Education is headquartered in London, with branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Singapore. In June 2018, CFCG subscribed nearly 49% of stocks of KSI Education and became an important institutional investor of KSI Education.

University of Oxford is a world-renowned top university with noble academic positions and influences in mathematics, physics, medicine, law, business and many other fields. According to statistics, 27 British prime ministers and 30 presidents of other countries graduated from the University of Oxford, and 69 Nobel winners ever studied and worked in the University of Oxford. University of Oxford offers about 250 undergraduate courses and more than 300 graduate courses; total number of its existing students exceeds 25,000. It is the biggest research center in the U.K. and has published more academic reports in world's top journals than any other university in the U.K.