CFCG has been selected for collaborative education projects of Ministry of Education, and many colleges and universities have expressed their willingness of cooperation


From November 23 to 24, 2018, the "Fifth Docking Meeting of Industry-Academy Cooperation Collaborative Education Project of Ministry of Education" was held at the Beijing Conference Center. The six professional emphasis of “Automotive engineering, preschool education, art, nursing, logistics and tourism management” by China First Capital Control Group Limited (CFCG, Stock Code: 1269) has been shortlisted to Enterprise Directory of "Collaborative Education Projects of Ministry of Education" after strict review by Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education for five months.

The docking meeting has attracted about 1,500 delegates from nearly 500 colleges and universities, and more than 300 enterprises across the country. CFCG led the project operation team to participate in the meeting. The meeting focused on the relevant policies of the Ministry of Education, and published and explained project guidelines. Participants and representatives conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the industry-university research collaboration, new engineering construction, school-enterprise cooperation system construction, innovation and entrepreneurship education.

The “New Arts” project of pre-school education, art and nursing of CFCG is in a leading position in the field of collaborative education projects. Many universities consulted and expressed their willingness to cooperate with CFCG during the meeting. Adhering to the "finance empowers education", the CFCG will deepen the industry-university cooperation and education project, and assist the higher education in teaching material construction, teacher quality, system integration and base construction, and compound "New Engineering Course", "New Liberal arts" and "Internet +" talents to create a high-quality collaborative education platform.

At present, our project operation team is in a tight and orderly manner to contact, investigate and sign agreements with universities that apply for cooperation with CFCG. The universities applying for participation in the project can only be undergraduate colleges according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, and the filing of the first batch of cooperative universities shall be completed before the end of the year.