How to interpret the core values of the corporate culture of China First Capital Group Limited - Mission, Vision, Values


In the semi-annual work conference on the theme of “Free the mind, Make transformational change, and Strive to achieve the version 2.0 upgrade target of China First Capital Group Limited”, China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG”, or the “Group”) simultaneously launches the reshaping and upgrading of corporate culture. In order to comprehensively promote and implement the corporate culture upgrade target of the company, CFCG organized the “Culture Lecture Hall” activity. Dr. Wilson Sea, the Chairman and Executive Director of the Board of Directors of CFCG, gave a lecture on How to Interpret the Core Values of the Corporate Culture of China First Capital Group – Mission, Vision and Values.

01 What is corporate culture?
What is culture? Culture is a group people in a company do something in a certain way and with certain ideas, and it determines the qualities of this corporate culture. Corporate culture is not only the soul of an enterprise, but also the fundamental internal cause that supports a company's long-term development and promotes the development and progress of the enterprise.

02 Why build a corporate culture?
Faced by more complicated structural uncertainty from the perspective of global economic and enterprise development, and China is extending the the new globalization process of the global win-win situation of the "destiny community" model from deomestic to the global world. In the face of great changes, it is usually attributed to cultural differences and differences in values when we analyze the differences between Chinese companies and multinational companies. Then we feel that the ability to build corporate culture is also required in addition to product, strategy and internal operations management. A company cannot go further and higher without the promotion of values and cultural identity. In this context, both companies and individuals will re-cognize and examine themselves. While the formation of the corporate culture of CFCG will be given a new mission and vision, new ideas and value recognition.

03 The mission, vision and values of the corporate culture of CFCG
In the view of CFCG, a company is only in a state of disunity that will not become a great enterprise without shared mission, vision, goals and values. CFCG expects to realize the interests and dreams of every employee while growing the company and achieving profit growth and goals. Only by tying the dreams and interests of employees and the company can we maximize the benefits and form a strong fighting force under the unified thinking and concept of the corporate culture of CFCG.

So, what is the mission of the company? The mission is what the meaning of the company exists, what it does, and what role it plays on the road to realizing its vision. CFCG takes "Finance empowers education, Education changes fate" as its mission. CFCG is doing a career related to people's livelihood, affection, and destiny - It is education. Education has been with us from the birth of every life, and it has influenced generation after generation. CFCG adheres to the initial focus of education and focuses on the education industry, and it hopes to provide a full range of financial services for more private education enterprises through financial empowerment education. This includes providing services on pre-IPO financial advisors, IPO listing underwriting, post-IPO investment mergers and acquisitions, securities trading, brokerage services, wealth management, asset allocation, overseas home ownership, studying abroad and other financial services for educational enterprises.

The development and growth of educational enterprises will also drive the long-term development of the entire education industry and provide more diversified and higher-quality elite education for more families and children. Although the overall level of education is on the rise, top-level education is scarce for ordinary families due to the pyramid trend of educational resources. CFCG wants to establish a communication and sharing platform for quality courses, teachers and operation management through alliances and cooperation with universities and colleges at home and abroad, and introduce more high-quality educational resources to the domestic market, improve the level of domestic private education, and make elite education benefit every ordinary family and children, making them get more than ordinary education. This is the true meaning of education and the mission of the CFCG.

The vision of the enterprise is a picture an enterprise wants to be in the future. The vision of CFCG is to become a globally influential financial services group focuses on education. The Group is focused on exploring, cultivating, investing in and operating quality education assets. While selectively developing segments that are fit for the predominant market trends of the education industry and unique characteristics of Chinese education demand, it focused on investing in benchmark assets and bolt-on assets in the segments of childhood education, K-12 education, vocational (training) education, and media and arts education. CFCG wants to incubate a group of Unicorn enterprises in the education industry through the development strategy of “Education + Finance”.

Belief, Gratitude, Understanding, Communication, Learning, and Principle are the core cultural concepts of CFCG.
There is a power to believe in the power of "belief." Only if you are willing to believe, will you act and be successful.

Gratefulness is a law of the universe. CFCG hopes that every employee of the company can thank life, appreciate life, and be grateful to everything in the life.

Hugo, a famous litterateur, once said "There is a prospect greater than the sea, and it is the sky; There is a prospect greater than the sky, and it is the human soul". Understanding is like the drizzle in the sky that nourishes the earth. It not only blesses those who are tolerant, but those who are been forgiven.

The most precious thing among people is sincerity, trust and respect, and the bridge of all it is communication. Communication determines success or failure; Effective communication can save time and labor costs.

The famous scientist Newton once said: "If I have been able to see further, it was only because i stood on the shoulders of giants." Learning is like a key, it fills our lives, enhances our knowledge and wisdom, and takes us over the mountains to lead us to success. CFCG has always advocating to build a learning organization team and emphasizing endless learning.

The ancients said that "First and worry about all over the world, after all over the world to enjoy", "One careless move loses the whole game." The century-old foundation of a company comes from principles adhering and risk awareness intensification.

No company can be separated from the audience and customers, and “Everything for clients” is the core value of the CFCG. CFCG wishes to create value for customers with the feelings and sincerity of educators.

The so-called golden rule in CFCG is "Do to others as you would have them do to you." "Do unto others as you would be done" by Confucius is a transpositional consideration. The world is like a mirror, and people tend to treat other people as they are being treated.

Corporate culture not only includes the goals and beliefs of a company in its development and growth, but also the deep friendship that integrates the interests of employees and our company. It is believed that the corporate culture of CFCG will be rooted in the heart and identified in mind with the effort and practice of each employee in our company, and it will be accompanied by the development of the CFCG and the growth of everyone.