CFCG’s 2017 Annual Report Garners Six Awards at LACP’s 2017 Vision Awards


On 16 July, the winners of the 2017 Vision Awards organized by the League of American Communications Professionals LLC (“LACP”) have been revealed. The 2017 annual report of China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG” or the “Group”; stock code: 1269.HK) garnered six awards, which included the Gold Award in Finance-Diversified Services and the Silver Award in Government & Education. It has also been selected as one of the Top 100 Reports Worldwide (ranked 73rd), Top 80 Reports in Asia-Pacific Region (ranked 30th), Top 60 Reports in China (not ranked) and the Best Report Financials in Asia-Pacific Region.

These awards take the achievement of the Group to the next level since its 2016 annual report received the Silver Award in Customer Service-Other (Education) and the Bronze Award in Financial-Capital Market at LACP’s 2016 Vision Awards. “Investing in Education Today for a Better Tomorrow” has always been the core value of the educational business of CFCG. With its strong commitment to education, CFCG never forgets why it started. The preparation of the Group’s 2017 annual report has been centering on such dedication. In terms of design, the report combines elements of education and finance, and uses kites as the main theme to symbolize dreams and the future. Meanwhile, laughing and running children holding kite lines on the cover page represent the boundless energy for continuous growth and positivity. Children are our future and knowledge changes fate. While we can find out how many seeds are in an apple, we may never know how many apples will a single seed yield-this is what makes education fascinating. CFCG expects to keep pursuing its mission on education and undertaking its social responsibilities. Through the annual report, it effectively presents corporate information so as to remain in close contact with investors, business partners and the public.

Dr. Wang Hui, the Chief Financial Officer of CFCG, said, “It is an honor for the Group that, our elaborately planned and prepared annual report wins renowned international awards again this year. They are great recognition and encouragement to the Group’s performance in investor relations and information disclosure. Using the annual report as the main medium, CFCG made ample disclosures of various kinds of information based on regulatory requirements and investors’ concern. New improvements have been made in the Group’s 2017 annual report in terms of compliance control, content optimization, organization and coordination, design layout, and submission and publishing, which further strengthens the communication and information exchange with the capital market.”

Launched in 2002, the LACP Vision Awards is an internationally renowned annual report contest organized by LACP, with the objectives to promote discussions on best industry practices, and recognize excellently produced annual reports and enterprises with exemplary communication capability. The judging panel has adopted an all-round approach to select outstanding reports and conducted assessment from eight perspectives, namely first impression, cover design, letter to shareholders, content presentation, financial reporting, creativity, clarity of information and access convenience of information.