“A night with CFCG: 2018 Chengdu Nostalgia New Year Concert” brings epic performance to China


On 23 November, the press conference for “A night with CFCG: 2018 Chengdu Nostalgia New Year Concert” was launched at InterContinental Century City Hotel, Chengdu. With China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG” or the “Group”; stock code: 1269) as the sole title sponsor, the music event is to be organised under the guidance of the Leading Group Office of Music Industry Development of Sichuan Province, the Department of Culture of Sichuan Province, the Leading Group of Music Industry Development of Chengdu, the Chengdu Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau, and the Voice of China brand. Leaders of relevant provincial and municipal departments, representatives of sponsors, and major media organizations, such as People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Services, West China City Daily, Sichuan Daily and Chengdu Business Daily, gathered and celebrated the grand occasion.

Photo: Opening ceremony of “A night with CFCG: 2018 Chengdu Nostalgia New Year Concert”

China is an unparalleled cultural power which has considerable and rich cultural and art assets. Its surpassingly great creativity in cultural and arts has formed an inexhaustible growth driver. The development of the cultural industry reflects the upgrade of the nation's soft power and cultural confidence. As the starting point for the South Silk Road, Chengdu leaps forward along the opening-up strategy under "the Belt and Road" Initiative. In recent years, the cultural and creative industry has become one of the most vibrant sectors in the world’s social and economic arena. In view of such, Chengdu has excitingly put forward the promotion of eight key areas, which included media, film and television, creative design, modern fashion, music and arts, sports and cultural tourism, information services, exhibition and advertising, as well as education consultation, as the objective of the construction action plan of the West China Cultural and Creativity Center. Among such areas, the city will construct China’s Music Capital, the Performing Arts Center of Western China and the City of the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in the fields of music and art, while establishing the China No. 1 Book City and the Western China Creative Talent Hub in the field of education consultation. Considering the new development opportunities brought by the cultural creativity of Sichuan, CFCG attaches great importance to the education, cultural and art activities in the area.

Giving a speech at the press conference, Dr. Zhu Huanqiang, the Co-CEO of CFCG, stated that it is the duty and mission of every market participant, including the Group, to strive to develop and expand the cultural and education industries under the background of a new era, new economy and new business model. In regard to the layout plan of the education industry, the Group has always regarded Sichuan as a top priority. In addition to its investment in Virscend Education, the largest comprehensive education service provider in Southwest China, and Bojun Education, which has garnered popularity in Sichuan, the Group has also carried out in-depth investigations and research on Sichuan University of Media and Communications and Sichuan Film and Television University. At present, the Group is making every effort to build the "Deyang Splendid Horizons International Education New Town" project, which will cater to and meet the consumption needs for education and healthcare in Chengdu and southwest China. With the education industry serving as the bellwether, the project will introduce high-end fundamental education, vocational education and higher education that is in scarcity to Deyang City. It is expected that Deyang will develop into an education backyard of Chengdu by promoting industrial upgrade with education and attracting creative talents.

Mr. Ye Lang, the Inspector of the Publicity Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee, had two wishes for this event, "This concert is such a profound gift as it gathers artists and celebrities of different fields and generations with different fan bases, bringing them home and celebrating the New Year with the people of Sichuan. It is also the first show held in the Chengdu Magic Cube Performing Arts Center, which is an innovative entertainment project that embodies the fashion, modernism, technology, culture and green concepts of Chengdu. The city’s most stylish and cyber indoor performance venue will no doubt offer a wonderful experience!”

Mr. Ge Yang, the mastermind of the event, said the concert would be one of the most important starting events of a series of promotional activities that were designed to make Chengdu the "capital of music". Drawing high attention from leaders at all levels and all sectors of society, the Chengdu New Year Concert features a strong line-up and renowned celebrities. This is guaranteed to be a world-class event encompassing Chinese style, Chengdu uniqueness, festive atmosphere and distinctive artistic qualities.

Mr. Zhang Shurong, who was the director general of the "Three Tenors" World Tour, gave a comprehensive introduction to the event as the general director. He referred to the concert as an innovative combination of "culture + entertainment", which, in particular, would propose higher expectation of quality and aim to indulge live audience with a first-class and "pure" musical feast.

The principal conductor of the event Mr. Li Xilin, who is also a famous conductor, offered his own interpretation on the theme of the concert“Nostalgia”. The event has invited a number of music stars from Sichuan, which include Chinese vocalist Liao Changyong, National First-class Actor Liu Xiaoqing, Chinese soprano Li Danyang, Chinese pop singer Li Yuchun and Tibetan singer Jamyang Dolma. Having been nurtured in Sichuan, they now return to the land that raised them and dedicate this grand event to the local people with gratitude. The passing on of ethnic and cultural legacy is particularly touching!

The voice of China has been supported by more and more countries in the world. Culture transmission, cultural exchange and cultural trade are taking the lead, while Chinese brands, Chinese narratives and Chinese image are increasingly recognized. CFCG is committed to the development of the flourishing education industry. It endeavours to innovate education concepts and teaching methods while paying tribute to cultural and historical heritage. Aiming at combining domestic and international quality education resources, it looks forward to bringing in-depth collaboration with more educational institutions and colleges in Sichuan, thereby jointly promoting the greater integration and development of the education and cultural industries.