China First Capital Group visited the benchmark civil aviation vocational education to explore higher vocational education cooperation and win-win opportunities


On 27th Oct, 2017, Dr. Wilson SEA, the Chairman and Executive Director, Dr. Huanqiang Zhu of China First Capital Group Limited (‘CFCG’, stock code:, Mr. Wan Yunbao, the chairman of China First Capital International Education New Town Holding Limited and Dr. Fang Weihua had visited Sichuan Fan-Mei Education Investment Group Co. Ltd (‘Fan-Mei) and were greeted by the Chairman, Executive Vice President Dr. Pei Ming Xue and Vice president of Operations Management Li Li.

The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on aviation vocational education cooperation, capital market operation and M & A of quality education projects.

Graph: Delegation of Fan-Mei & CFCG during the meeting

Fan-Mei is an international and diversified group of companies focusing on civil aviation vocational education and related industries for more than 20 years. It has set a new benchmark in China's aviation vocational education and laid out a new strategy of ‘one body and two wings’. It has advocated a new concept of public welfare education and has created a full range of aviation brand education clusters, which is considered as the ‘leader of China's high-end vocational education. It owns Sichuan Southwest Airlines Vocational College (referred to as "Southwest Airlines Academy"), Chongqing Aviation Vocational College, Sichuan Southwest Airlines College, Chengdu Aviation Tourism Vocational School, with Qingdao North Aviation Vocational School, Anhui Zhongyuan Aviation Vocational College, North China Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Sichuan Aviation Institute of Technology, Qingdao Aviation Science and Technology Institute under construction. Altogether, the nine aviation institutions have more than 45,000 students.

Graph: The delegation of Fan-Mei showing CFCG the Sichuan Southwest Airlines Vocational College

Graph: Dr. Pei Ming Xue introducing Fan-Mei to Dr. Wilson Sea

Graph: Photograph with student representative of Southwest Airlines Academy

Through this exchange of talks, the two sides have agreed that there will be plenty of opportunities for cooperation, where both sides will use its own resources and join hands to create a beautiful future for China's vocational education.