CFCG’s 2016 Annual Report Garners Four Awards at the 31st ARC Awards


China First Capital Group Limited (“CFCG” or the “Group”; stock code: 1269) has announced that its 2016 Annual Report garnered four awards at the 31st International ARC Awards organized by MerComm, Inc. Together with the two prizes won previously at the 2016 Vision Awards organized by the League of American Communications Professionals LLC (“LACP”), the Group’s 2016 Annual Report has scored a total of six international honours to date.

CFCG’s 2016 Annual Report has been presented with the following prizes at ARC Awards organized by MerComm, Inc:




Education Services

Non-Traditional Annual Report


Education Services

Interior Design


Financial Services-General

Interior Design


Financial Services-General

Cover Photo/Design



With its history dating back 31 years, the ARC Awards organized by MerComm, Inc, an independent award organization in the US, is widely recognized by the financial media as the “Academy Awards of Annual Reports”. It is the largest annual report competition worldwide attracting the participation of enterprises, small companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations as well as organizations and individuals that engaged in the production of annual report. The winners are selected by judging panel comprising professionals who assess competing companies in a transparent, independent and impartial manner.

Mr. Wang Hui, Chief Financial Officer of CFCG who was responsible for planning and coordinating the production of the annual report, was honored to see the Group achieved such outstanding results in its first participation in the international annual report competition. He said, “The year 2016 marks the first complete financial year after the Group expanded its business focus to the education arena. We acquired a number of domestic and overseas education projects as well as engaged in strategic cooperation for these projects during the year, which has quickly expanded our business footprint from Mainland China to overseas countries including the UK, the US, Australia and Singapore that have more abundant quality educational resources thereby enabling the Group to establish brand recognition in both domestic and international markets. Our production team has invested substantial efforts and resources in producing the annual report, hoping to present corporate information clearly and precisely, including the Group’s business transformation, achievements and future development directions through the report. We believe the long-term development of a company depends on its determination to balance and protect the interests of all stakeholders and its commitment to upholding its corporate social responsibility. Going forward, we resolve to strive to convey the best and most relevant information about the corporation via our annual reports, thereby maintaining close communications with stakeholders, cooperative partners and the public.”

CFCG has adopted the theme of “Investing in Education Today for a Better Tomorrow” for its 2016 Annual Report. To highlight its “Education Operation plus Financial Services” dual-engine strategy, CFCG has integrated education and finance elements in the design of its annual report. The cover are images of students running happily and carefree symbolizing the continuous growth and fast advancement of the Group personified in the beneficiaries of education,  which are students; While the use of different colors and heights of the pages in each section resembles a business folder. In addition, the Group has also used wire binding, which is rare for annual reports, in order to provide the feel of both a student’s notebook and a brochure that is commonly used by financial institutions in their presentations.