Beijing Experimental Foreign Language School

EVENT: Hold 33% shares in Beijing Experimental Foreign Language School through the established fund

PROJECT SUMMARY: Beijing Experimental Foreign Language School (hereinafter referred to as “Beishiwai”) was established in the year 2000. Approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, it is an experimental school that carries out comprehensive educational reform with foreign language education as its feature. As a K12 school, it offers education from elementary all the way up to senior high. Beishiwai offers a rich variety of education resources including Chinese elementary education, international education, and foreign language education. It has opened a wide range of featured classes including elite class for domestic elementary and middle school education, bilingual class, Edexcel A-level class, American high school class (Brandon High School in the U.S.), Japanese international high school class, and South Korean international high school class. Beishiwai has a campus in Toronto, Canada, and has reached cooperation agreements with a number of prestigious schools in the world including Warwick University, the University of Saarland, the University of Toronto, the Ontario College of Art and Design, so as to provide qualified students with green channels and smooth admission to renowned universities.

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