Michael ZONG, Deputy CEO of CFCG, talked about the perfect execution team of My Chief and My Regiment

From the ancient imperial examination system to the restoration of the college entrance examination, education has experienced the evolution of history and the banquet of thoughts. From the evolution of 1.0 to 2.0, CFCG has always insisted on emancipating the mind and constantly searching for new breakthroughs and upgrading of the CFCG culture. In order to learn the Version 2 corporate culture of CFCG, the group organized a series of activities of “Culture Lecture Hall”. Michael ZONG, the deputy chief executive of CFCG, the chairman of the CFCG Fund, the chairman of CFCG International, and the chief marketing officer of CFCG made the perfect theme sharing of execution team of My Chief and My Regiment for all staff in CFCG.

Education changes destiny, and it can give ordinary people a quality education with a lofty mission.

China First Capital Group takes "Financial empowers education, Education changes fate" as its mission. This mission runs through the business that CFCG is doing now. There are countless examples of education changing fate in all ages. For example, the famous director Zhang Yimou, who once said on many occasions, that "Without the college entrance examination, there would be no Zhang Yimou of the present!" Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, revealed his own voice in "Never Say Never" that the college entrance examination inspired his passion for life and made him an expert in English teaching and management. Ma Yun has experienced repeated failures in college entrance examinations, but he completely changed his destiny after college admission. Later, he completely changed the business format in China. Wilson SEA, the Chairman and Executive Director of CFCG, also expressed that "Education is to change the fate of ordinary people". CFCG wants to make the function of education more diversified through financial empowerment education, to meet the needs of different people in different periods, so that the most ordinary people can enjoy the best quality elite education. All of these require the efforts of each of each CFCG employee. It requires us to start from bit by bit and become the perfect executive talent, thus making better development of enterprises to realize our common ideals and feelings.

How to build a perfect execution team?

A TV series My Chief and My Regiment, which used to be a common war theme, has become a team project that many companies have studied. A group of seemingly arrogant, uncultivated, selfish, self-sufficient cannon fodder became heroes of indomitable spirit after the leadship of a regimental commander, they finally had their pursuit and were willing to pay it for everything. From this TV series we see the role of teamwork, not only on the battlefield, but also in business management.

The concept of a team can be a certain team, or a "big team" composed of several "small teams." Whether it is "single or combined", whether it is "few people or many people." Each team is made up of every "individual" in the team, and the execution of the team is derived from the sum of "every individual execution." Therefore, the key to improving team execution is to improve individual execution.

(1) Business personality: Doing things by principle, making exchanges by results

The key to improving individual execution is the 100% responsibility and the introduction and improvement of the important concept of “commercial personality”. The important meaning of commercial personality is: Taking responsibility and implement principles independently. Behind the "independence" is actually a challenge to traditional concepts and social instinct, and an interpretation and solidification of self-responsibility.

The relationship between employees and businesses is an eternal topic. What is the relationship between employees and enterprises? What kind of mentality should employees keep for work in the enterprise? Costs, benefits and exchanges exist in enterprises; It is a business exchange rather than family relationship between employees and businesses, which is no different from our visit to the store to buy mineral water. Therefore, it cannot be built as a family culture.

Business personality includes both business and personality. Business emphasizes results, and personality values principles. The two most important aspects of business personality are doing things by principle and making exchanges by results. It requires everyone on the team to be responsible for their actions independently, to judge their own actions independently, to judge the direction of behavior independently, to take charge of their actions independently, and to serve the company independently in the logic as an adult.

(2) Tasks and results: time, value, and assessment

Taking "To become a global financial services group with global influence" as its vision, CFCG makes it not only a goal but a firm direction. This great blueprint requires the effort of every employee in CFCG. Therefore, the creation of personal execution has become an important part of it.

The creation of personal execution is a different presentation of “task” and “result”. We accept the new tasks of our leaders almost every day, and usually think that completing the task is equivalent to completing our work and delivering the results. So we often have misunderstandings about "tasks" and "results " at work. While the presentation of the results must be reflected in the time, value, and assessment.

The famous "Nine-Section Secretary" working method fully reflects the tasks and results. When arranging a work meeting, it is necessary to send a notice, implement it, give attention to examination, make frequent preparation, make detailed preparation, make records, define responsibilities, and determine process, then make the entire meeting process into a standardized meeting process that any secretary can follow it. Thus, a conference service system that does not depend on anyone can be formed. The "Nine-Secretary Secretary" makes nine results and embodies nine values, and it is also the embodiment of our execution.

(3) Three unifications of executive teams: unified thinking, unified actions and unified voice

Scholars agree that there are ten major trends in future world management, one of which is: the highest level of management—— Managing without Management. “ Managing without Management” is not a lack of management, but requires everyone to manage themselves, be responsible for themselves, and be responsible for the results.

As a well-known military academy in the United States and the world, West Point Military Academy not only has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for the US military and political circles, and but created many elites for the American business community. Its success comes from its efficient execution. While executive teams must have three major unifications of unified thinking, unified action, and unified voice. Only by a high degree of unity can enterprises form a unified strategy and direction in their survival and move along the same goal.

(4) Three major standards for executive talents: keeping promises, results orientation, never giving up

The three major standards are also required for executive talents: keeping promises, results orientation, and never giving up. Keeping promises means building a personal brand that deserves trust and cooperation.

Many people know the story of Xuanzang. Countless people have dreams like Xuanzang, but only Xuanzang came to India to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures. This result laid the historical status and value of Xuanzang. Therefore, value is exchanged by results! During the process of electric lamp invention by Edison, it failed thousands of times. Some people asked why Edison did not give up after so many failures. He replied, "I did not see the failure, what I saw was that I had successfully found that there are thousands of materials that are not suitable for electric lamp." This is the state of mind that should be kept by an executor——never give up.

Finally, whether it is the executive power of the system, the middle-level executive power or the high-level leadership, they are the executive force formed during long development of enterprises. Only make these forces in place can the company maintain its tenacious vitality.

"Everything for the clients" – is to provide customers with satisfactory and value-added results

The ultimate service of any enterprise is the "customer". How to create value for customers becomes a problem worth considering during competition. The so-called customer value is the result of providing customers with satisfaction and value from the perspective of the customer, and it is the direction of execution. It is easy to understand to make consideration from the perspective of the customer. The nees from the customers must ultimately be the starting point whether it involves products, prices, or services.

How to provide satisfactory and value-added results is an unexpected surprise for values to customers. Zero complaints are only the basis in the process of serving customers. If the results can exceed the expectations of customers, it is the additional value that can be created for customers. For example, if the customer wants 1, we reach 1.1; if the customer wants 2, we reach 2.3; In short, if the results exceed customer expectations, which can not only touch the customer but also be a special gift.

The development of the private education industry in future is not only in the penetration of the Internet, but also in the transformation of the education model, and most importantly, in the capital operation of educational asset securitization. "Cooperation and mutual benefit" is bound to be the true meaning of coexistence and co-development for private education institutions in the context of the Internet era. Therefore, the Group adheres to the core values of “Everything for the clients” and wishes to provide lifelong companionship services to educational enterprise customers on the road of education industry. This lifelong companion service enables educational companies to realize increment of value and the growth of the company.