Evolution, innovation and Learning Capacity in the culture of CFCG

Stepping from 1.0 to 2.0, the CFCG not only needs to achieve changes in its strategy and business model, but also enters a new level in the soft level of management systems, corporate culture, and leadership. In order to interpret the core concepts and values of corporate culture, the Group organized a series of activities of the “Culture Lecture Hall”. Dr. ZHU Huanqiang, the Co-CEO and Executive Director of CFCG made the theme sharing of Evolution, innovation and learning in the culture of CFCG for all staff in CFCG.

Evolution is the key to the constant evolution of people and animals, while evolution force is one of the core competencies of enterprise development

Both processes of animals experiencing the phoenix-like rebirth for survival and human evolution represent the abandonment of old ideas and the change and renewal of old thinking habits.

Enterprises, like cut organisms, also have its life cycle. How to maintain keep business successful and the vitality of the company in tremendous pressure of market competition, it requires constant changes and evolution for a company to cope with internal and external problems, adjust the pace and integrate the resources of survival, and maintain rhythm of life in evolution.

The advancement of technology is both destruction and subversion. Especially in the current Internet, the iterative update of artificial intelligence technology such as face recognition, image recognition, language recognition, automatic planning, intelligent search, robotics, automatic driving and other practical applications has promised us new wisdom and new civilization. So as the education industry. The simulation application of VR virtual reality, the marketing of big data education products, and the emergence of innovative schools are all related to the evolution of this era, environment and technology. While the evolution of CFCG comes from the improvement of strategic decision-making power, the upgrade of technical business, the adjustment of organizational structure, the optimization of operational mechanism and the sublimation of corporate culture. China First Capital Group takes "Financial empowers education, Education changes fate" as its mission, and build a highly open and ecological platform focusing education. In this ecological chain of education finance, CFCG will gather all kinds of resources and energy to activate and revitalize assets and resources, and new business products, new investment models, and new service methods will be derived to make CFCG vital to achieving our vision of an educational financial services group with global influence.

We neither have shortcut nor route of retreat in corporate creativity

Corporate creativity is the ability of an enterprise to effectively and internally transform its resources in the market, thereby improving its intrinsic quality and driving the company to obtain more differences with other competing enterprises. While the difference ultimately manifests itself in the competitive advantage that a corporate can achieve in the marketplace. The improvement of Corporate creativity capability is a sign of the improvement of corporate competitiveness. The creativity is directly related to the strength of a company's competitiveness. For some enterprises, entrepreneurs just maintain their achievements after the development to a certain extent, they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the outside world, or begin to fear to try new areas and be satisfied with the existing fields. In the world of innovation, no or slow progress simply means regression. The lessons of the once famous large enterprises that were weak or even collapsed give us more enlightenment and reflection on the road of actively exploring the path of transformation and innovation.

When it comes to corporate innovation, we often think of technological innovation and product innovation. In fact, the form of innovation is far more than that in the process of development and growth. For example, service innovation, organizational and institutional innovation, corporate culture innovation, business form innovation, talent development and management innovation. The development of CFCG requires more and more fresh blood injection, especially post-2000s generation, the generation after 90s and 80s who grow in an era full of opportunities, unlimited possibilities, and unlimited creativity. The group needs a group of young people to bring new vitality to the company with new thought, new creativity and new ideas. The group not only encourages innovation but also tolerates mistakes. Only by reflecting in mistakes and speaking from different opposites can the company be able to cope with various changes. Roosevelt also said that "You should be brave enough to try extraordinary and challenging things to achieve success and glory even if the failures and setbacks from time to time".

Education, for the CFCG, is a great cause that benefits the country and the people with sense of mission, responsibility and deep feelings. Our Group is willing to realize this business as an ideal and a goal. We are willing to discover and explore enterprises with educational investment value in the education industry chain, and create value for educational enterprises through diversified financial services, management services, financial services and operational services. This value includes tangible assets, as well as intangible companionship and service for businesses, schools, and even parents of students.

The Learning Capacity of enterprises is the ability to transform knowledge resources into intellectual capital

It has been said that "A diploma does not means specialty literacy, education background does not means one's ability, while knowledge does not means one's intelligence." This confirms the concept of lifelong learning. Ray Dalio once said that “If you look back on yourself and don’t think you were dumb then, you mustn’t have learned much.” Learning Capacity is the pursuit of a company and an individual's life.

The so-called Learning Capacity is the three elements of learning motivation, learning perseverance and learning ability. Learning Capacity is the ability to transform knowledge resources into intellectual capital; learning perseverance emphasizes you should be both faithful and persistent during the study; learning ability reflects a learning method, the ability and wisdom of integration. The learning we are talking about does not mean sitting leisurely on the sofa or systematically studying in the classroom, but referring to learning new things, discovering opportunities for growth, and trying to urge yourself to acquire different abilities. We must be brave in practice, be beginners and novices again and again, and become skilled after constant repetition and acceptance of new things to achive those goals. Learning Capacity also emphasizes that you should learn faster than your competitors, especially in this era of knowledge explosion and rapid change that you can only guarantee that you are a talent today but not still be a talent tomorrow. Only by constant advancing, developing, and thinking, learning and improvement can we ensure our own innovation.

The corporate culture of CFCG emphasizes the creation of learning organization and team, and regards "belief, gratitude, tolerance, communication, learning, principle" as the core concept in culture, and takes "You should do what you want people to do to you" as the golden rule of the group. Meanwhile, the Group expects to become a financial services expert in the education industry and an education operation expert in the financial industry, which requires us to constantly update learning ability to get out of the comfort zone and adapt to changes. Practices have proved that enterprises who improve their learning through self-transcendence, mental models and group learning can rejuvenate on the original basis.

CFCG believes that a company is like a person or a nation, a common sense of civilization, and the common sense of civilization, cultural accomplishment, and cultural psychology are the basis for their mutual recognition and aggregation, thus ultimately forming a common ideal, pursuit, and spiritual realm, which can make resonatation, be harmonious and united, and keep making progress. For a corporate culture community with an excellent cultural environment, its employees are employed for life or with changes will remember the company forever, which depends on the enterprise "soul" that enlightens, evokes, cheers, and inspires people and the enterprise spirit that always gives people the yearning, envy and encouragement. The CFCG hopes to co-evolve, create and learn with each employee of the company to finally realize the common development of each individual and the company !