Who can win the badminton match! The “CFCG CUP” badminton competition was successfully held


Introduction: On the evening of December 7, the "CGCG Cup" badminton competition was officially concluded in Shenzhen Crown Badminton Hall. More than 20 badminton fans from various departments of Shenzhen and Hong Kong gathered together to perform badminton skills and show us a wonderful game.

Figure 1: The "CFCG Cup" badminton match was successfully held

Since the end of August, a series of "CFCG Culture Lecture Hall" has been held for nine phases. The CFCG and all employees have explored and practiced various forms of cultural and sports activities, and constantly upgraded to create the CFCG culture. As the outdoor activity of the "CFCG Culture Lecture Hall", the "CFCG Cup" badminton match aims to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, actively promote the corporate culture of the company, improve the physical fitness of employees, and foster the competitive spirit of cooperation and struggle for all CFCG staff. At the same time, it can break the barriers of communication between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, create more opportunities for exchanges, learning and interaction, and better condense the power of the CFCG culture.

Badminton is a comprehensive sport for all ages with a profound mass base in China. Before the match, Mr. Gu Min, the deputy director of the Group, made a simple motivation speech. He pointed out that the badminton match had positive significance for promoting the construction of the CFCG culture, improving the quality of the staff and enhancing the team cohesion. He showed his thanks to the company's support to the activity, expressed  his eager blessings for contestants and referees, and  advocated everyone to integrate sportsmanship into work life so that they can keep healthy life and happy work.

The match was grouped by lottery and carried out by 11 point per set system and best of three sets; There were four groups of men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles and women's doubles for respective match. During the competition, the players fiercely competed, carefully summed up their experience, fostered strengths and circumvented weaknesses, and incisively and vividly demonstrated their offensive and defensive performances, which showed the positive attitude of the CFCG employees.

Figure 2: Highlights of live game

Smash, dink spike, long pull, follow-up, slam dunk... every move showed the skills of players. In the competition, the players on the field respected their opponents, believed in their teammates, and never gave up; They were humble in victory and gracious in defeat, felt and practiced the core cultural concept of "belief, gratitude, tolerance, communication, learning, principles" of CFCG. The players on the field were absorbed in match with sound of cheering came and went, fully demonstrating the spirit of courage and struggle for all CFCG staff.

Figure 3: The audience cheers for the players

During the "CFCG Cup" badminton macth, in the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", the players have shown their style, their level and their friendship. After several rounds of fierce competition, the game came to an end and finally determined the champion and runner-up, and then entered the sector of awarding,

Men's Singles: Ms. Liu Chang, Chief Operating Officer of the Group and Chief Operating Officer of the First Capital Fund, presented trophies and prizes to the winners of the men's singles competition. The champion was Yang Chunlei and the runner-up was Huang Zhuowen.

Figure 4: Ms. Liu Chang took a group photo with the champion and the runner-up of men's singles

Men' s doubles: Ms. Guo Hui, the vice president of CGCG International, presented the trophy and prizes for the winners of men's doubles. The champion was Qiu Zhiyun's combination and the runner-up were Yang Chunlei and Chen Xingjie.

Figure 5: Ms. Guo Hui  took a group photo with the champion and the runner-up of men's doubles

Women's Singles: Mr. Yue Yaoqi, Vice President of the First Captial Fund, presented trophies and prizes to Chen Qinghua, the winner of the women's singles competition. Mr. Yan Jianxin, the vice president of the First Captial Fund, presented the prize to the runner-up Wang Xiaofei.

Figure 6: Mr. Yue Yaoqi took a group photo with the champion of Women's Singles

Figure 7: Mr. Yan Jianxin took a group photo with the runner-up of Women's Singles

Women's Doubles: Mr. Yan Jianxin, Vice President of the First Capiral Fund, presented trophies and prizes to the champion team (Chen Qinghua and Liu Qian) of women's doubles. Mr. Yue Yaoqi, the vice president of the First Capiral Fund, presented prizes to the runner-up team (Wu Siyan, Wang Xiaofei).

Figure 8: Mr. Yan Jianxin took a group photo with champion team of women's doubles

Figure 9: Mr. Yue Yaoqi took a group photo with the champion team of women's doubles

“Gratitude, Belief, Unity and Hard work”, following the success of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong outdoor mountaineering event, the successful holding of the “CFCG Cup” badminton match laid a good foundation for the follow-up series of outdoor activities of “CFCG Culture Lecture Hall” and created a harmonious corporate culture. As a Hong Kong Main Board listed company, CFCG adheres to initial intention of “financial empowers education, education changes fate” since its transforming of education and financial operation services since 2015.  Relying on practice of inner core values, cooperation and unrimitting efforts by every CGCG employee, the Group can deepen its education and take root in finance.