CFCG Class: Dr. Wang Hui, Chief Financial Officer of CFCG, with his team, was invited to give lecture at Henan University of Economics and Law


Introduction: On November 29, Dr. Wang Hui, Chief Financial Officer of CFCG led the financial team such as Mr. Zeng Di, the deputy director of the Group was invited to give lecture at Henan University of Economics and Law. The series lectures of CFCG contents are rich in contents that close to the accounting professional knowledge and accounting practice, which helps to enlighten students to plan their future development direction that warmly welcomed by the school, teachers and students.

On the evening of the November 29, the first class of CFCG was first opened in the lecture hall 220. of Building 1 of the new campus. From the perspective of professional financial person, Dr. Wang Hui started his lecture from the five states of finance. Based on objectives, users and quality characteristics of financial accounting reports, he focused on preciseness of finance and its importance to the company; Then, taking CFCG as an example, he elaborated the The Road to Excellence in Financial Growth in aspects of understanding the subject, recognizing goals, improving the pattern, and developing habits. The lecture was presided over by Professor Xie Xiangbing, Associate Dean of the School of Accounting, Henan University of Economics and Law who showed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to Dr. Wang Hui and his team. Nearly 300 college teachers and students have attended the lecture with overwhelming response.

Finance is an important tool for business operations. Financial management is at the core of enterprise management. Regardless of the size of the company, financial personnel are essential for business. In recent years, the number of students studying for finance has soared. According to official data, the number of graduates in accounting in 2017 was about 920,000, accounting for almost one-tenth of all graduates. With the rapid development of economy and technology, the accounting industry is also constantly developing and reforming. Only graduates with solid professional knowledge and outstanding ability can stand out in the fierce employment competition.

Therefore, becoming a prominent financial person is not only the career pursuit of every financial practitioner, and but the goal of accounting professionals to find out. Then, how to be a great financial person? How to go road to financial advancement?

Dr. Wang Hui believes that challenges are constant and changeful in financial work; With the development of enterprises, finance has to go through five states, namely accounting, control, analysis, capital operation and financial benefits, and financial people must continue to grow following the development of enterprises and enhance their "state". He encouraged the students to be brave in pursuing their own "accounting dreams", be diligent in thinking, make thorough research and find ways to improve your professional knowledge and work skills.

President Xi once encouraged college students, "the button of life should be buckled from the beginning." Dr. Wang Hui pointed out that it was also applicable to road to excellence in financial growth. It is recommended that students shall start by understanding of the main body, identifying the objectives, improving their pattern and cultivating their habits, and planning their future development direction. He said that students shall recognize the career development goals, take the initiative to understand the changes in the demand structure of accounting talents; have the "Top Ten Consciousness" such as "Global, Collaborative, Initiative and Learning", which will help students better integrate into the society and the workplace; They shall cultivate good habits from text editing, format requirements of reports and emails, and standardization of file naming; “Efficient and accurate” is the “good habit” for financial people to settle down in their career development.

In the interactive question and answer session, in response to the doubts raised by the students, Dr. Wang Hui gave a thorough explanation in a simple language with his humorous and board knowledge, which received thunderous applause from the students.

On the afternoon of November 30, the second class of the CFCG was presented in Room 116 of Teaching Building. Mr. Zeng Do, Deputy director of Finance of CFCG, conducted an in-depth analysis of the new revenue standards and practical use cases of new report in response to the topic of “New Income Standards”, and made a speech entitled Interpretation and Application of New Revenue Standards and conduct in-depth discussions with the teachers and students of the school.

In May 2014, the International Accounting Standards Board issued the revised No.15 International Financial Reporting Standards– Revenue, which was implemented from January 1, 2018. In July 2017, the Ministry of Finance revised and issued the No. 14 of Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises - Revenue, which has been partially implemented in 2018. The patterns and concepts of revenue recognition have undergone subversive changes. Changes in important accounting indicators such as accounting treatment, income, and profit, and daily management and strategic decisions of enterprises need to be re-examined and adjusted accordingly. Mr. Zeng Di pointed out that the new revenue standard is a great revolution in accounting practice. Financial personnel shall comprehensively improve their actual operation level of the new accounting policy in order to effectively and timely reduce financial risks.

Adhering to the mission of “Financial Empowers Education, Education Changes Fate”, CFCG has always focused on the investment and operation of educational programs. With numerous quality education resources and education experts, setting up CFCG class to the university campus has always been the education feelings adhered by CFCG. The CFCG first session of first session, which was created· by the financial team of CFCG, entered Henan University of Economics and Law; and it was in perfect harmony with the “Knowledge Wisdom and Behavior” lecture hall of the School of Accounting in Henan University of Economics and Law, showing notable effect.

The series courses of first session of CFCG includes six chapters and more than ten topics of overview, guidelines, practice, investment, capital and occupation; All classroom lecturers come from the front line of practice with rich experience in operation and management. They will explain their understanding and application of professional knowledge according to their actual work, and describe the work requirements and concerns of employees from the perspective of business managers, and share their good working methods and habits to help college students quickly adapt to workplace with less detours.