CFCG sponsors the "Vienna-Hong Kong Music Festival" to open up cooperation in investment in culture, arts and education


On August 28, 2016, the annual Vienna-Hong Kong Music Festival sponsored by the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation had its officially closing at Hong Kong City Hall's Concert Hall. As one of the sponsors, CFCG was invited to attend the closing ceremony and sent Mr. Alex Shiu, Managing Director of First Capital International Finance Limited – one of its subsidiaries. The closing ceremony featured "Mahler's Eighth Symphony" as its theme inside the brilliantly decorated hall, and was attended by HKSAR Chief Secretary for Administration, the Hon Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, GBM, GBS, JP; former Hong Kong Government Chief Secretary, Sir David Akers-Jones; the Austrian consul in Hong Kong and Macau; the Austrian Chamber of Commerce; the Vienna Symphony Orchestra; the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra; the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong; and many other outstanding members and musicians of the orchestras.

Back in mid-August, Mr. Shiu, representing CFCG as a sponsor of the event, attended the "Vienna-Hong Kong Music Festival – the Hong Kong Week" held in Vienna, a highly regarded event in political, business, education, culture and art circles in China and internationally. Mr. Shiu mentioned that the Vienna-Hong Kong Music Festival was a multidimensional platform for cultural exchange and provided the public with high-quality performances and education, helping Hong Kong become a city of arts just as it was a city of international finance. With a 500-year history, the Vienna Boys Choir is the cradle that has nurtured world renowned masters in the history of music, including Mozart, Haydn, and Schubert, and numerous musical geniuses, and has performed in various countries across the world. CFCG has been heavily involved in investment and M&A in the education industry since its transition at the end of 2014. CFCG's sponsorship of the Vienna-Hong Kong Music Festival was not only an important step in its efforts to play a role in the international arena, but also its extension and breakthrough in the areas of arts education, which helped promote cross-border exchanges and cooperation in education and the arts.

Education in the arts and culture differs from traditional education. Talking about the investment value in these areas, Mr. Shiu said “Art and culture education and traditional education are complementary. China has a long tradition of a holistic education system in which six skills are taught, and holistic education has also been the goal in the West since the Renaissance. The influence of culture and art is an indispensable element in fostering one's personality. As it is said that "Art has no borders", CFCG is bullish on the long-term investment in education in the arts and culture, which will inject new blood into the Group's investment in the global education industry through integration and connection of Chinese and international arts education resources.”

The most recent Vienna-Hong Kong Music Festival held in the music capital of Vienna not only opened the areas of cooperation for CFCG in the fields of music and culture, but also enabled CFCG to gain acceptance of and support for its notion of "Investing Education Today for a Better Tomorrow" from all walks of life in Austria, Hong Kong, and China. Cultural Attaché Kexin Li of the Chinese Embassy in Austria said that investment in culture and education is investment in the future, and opportunities given to young people are opportunities ultimately given to ourselves. Austria's most outstanding education program is in music and art, which is worthy of connections and exchanges with high-quality education resources in China in an effective way in order to promote the development of China's cultural and arts education.

CFCG has set its sights for investment in the education industry in terms of the width of investment and breadth of potential increase in value, and will explore in further depth high-quality domestic and international education projects and resources for the best investment opportunities. Its international approach can promote innovation and upgrade of China's education as it aspires to a role as the most influential and valuable corporation in terms of investment in the education industry in China and the world.

The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has officially announced the decision together with UNESCO - Austria that the "Vienna Boys Choir" has been added to "UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list", and applies to the "education and choral tradition.