Zhao Lei, President of Fujian Xishan School: Education changes the fate - We Will Seek from Head to Foot, And Sticking Our Mission of Education

The CFCG corporate culture version 2.0 continues to be upgraded. Taking the mission of “Financial empowers education, Education changes fate”, the group strengthen the awareness and linkage of its affiliated schools for in-depth study of this concept. From interpretation of "Education changes fate" by frontline educator, CFCG specially invited Mr. Zhao Lei, the president of Fujian Xishan School, to give the CFCG staff a lecture on "Education changes fate - We will seek from head to footn, and sticking our mission of education", and more than 50 faculty members including headmaster of different divisions, director, teaching and research team leader of various disciplines, leaders of lessen preparation team have attended the meeting.

A good school not only allows students to grow up happily, but also make teachers to develop in a happy way.

Education determines not only the present of mankind but the future of mankind. Human needs to continuously cultivate the talents needed by the society through education, and to teach the known, update old knowledge, discover new knowledge, explore the unknown through education so that we can better understand the world, transform the world, and create a better future for mankind. Meanwhile, education is about the well-being of every child and his or her family. The original intention for school education, social education or family education is to promote the happiness of children, to train children to become talents, which is also the purpose of the front-line education workers.

As the affiliated school of CFCG, Xishan School has formed the characteristics of a school with "Primary subject of liberal art, featuring of physical art" since its founding in 1994 through its diversified development of the school-running model, specialization of management methods and the differentiation of students quality. On the road ofprivate education, Xishan School has cultivated 16 batches of graduates and has become a private school with outstanding brand, faculty and management skills. In terms of students, there are some students in Xishan School who come from left-behind students whose parents have no time to accompany the. In the face of such a group of children, Xishan School adheres to the initial heart of education to carry out diversified, personalized and distinctive teaching according to the different characteristics and advantages of each student, so that every child can enjoy quality education.

What is a good school? What is good education? In the view of President Zhao, as the American philosopher and educator Dewey said, “Education is growth”, all students should achieve their own growth through mutual cooperation in education; and the purpose of improving the education quality is to meet the diverse needs of students. We should teach students according to their aptitudes. Education best suited to students is the most successful education. Fujian Xishan School has delivered a number of outstanding talents to famous universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chinese People's Public Security University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts. These outstanding talents will become high-tech talents, famous entrepreneurs or the pillars of society in the future.

A good school not only allows students to grow up happily, but also make teachers to develop in a happy way. It should be a school for students to explore knowledge, a paradise for students to grow up happily, a home full of affection, and an garden for persuing ideals, a garden of life blooming for teachers and students. The good classroom is the supermarket of knowledge. It is a student-oriented, learning-oriented, quality-oriented classroom. Every lesson is a process of happy and healthy growth of teachers and students. Each lesson is the cornerstone of the growth of teachers and students.

CFCG follows the market changes, upgrades educational services, and changes the fate of a generation

The revival of the nation is tied to education; the purpose of education is to change the destiny. "Giving priority to the development of education" was proposed in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, representing that "W should keep good work in pre-school education, special education and online education, popularize high school education, and strive to make every child enjoy fair and quality education. What's more, we should improve the vocational education and training system, deepen the integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation. We should accelerate the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines to achieve the connotative development of higher education." Meanwhile, it is proposed to "support and standardize social forces for education development" for private schools.

For CFCG focusing on the education industry, how to help more education enterprises to achieve capital securitization and solve the dilemmas they face, and provide corresponding solutions in education investment mergers and acquisitions, education operation services, talent transportation, education management services, financial value-added services in the current environment and many changes in industry have become the core of "Financial empowers education" for CFCG.

The continuous growth of educational enterprises will also drive the upgrading of the entire education industry chain, which will form new forms and new conceptions in school management, teacher construction, curriculum products and school-running model. Especially for "the generation after 00s" and "the generation after 95s", they were born in the era of national economic take-off and attaching importance to education, and their growth was both in the era of rapid development of the Internet but for China from "catch up" the west to "abreast" with the West. This generation has higher quality, stronger self-confidence, stronger desire to express, more diversifieds life pursuit, and a broader international perspective. How to keep up with the rhythm of this generation and meet their demand for education has become the proposition of the CFCG to continuously carry out educational innovation, product upgrades and service upgrades. CFCG expects to return to the origin of education, uphold the initial heart of education, improve the eduction quality through the introduction of high-quality educational resources at home and abroad, thus popularizing elite education to every ordinary family. This has also become a solid force that meets the requirements of the times and changes the fate of this generation.