After opening, First Capital Securities engages in its first IPO in Human Health Holdings today


On March 17, 2016, First Capital Securities Limited ("FC Securities"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CFCG, has engaged in its first IPO in Human Health Holdings Limited (stock code: 1419) today after its opening.

First Capital Securities received its SFC Type 1 license for regulated activities (dealing in securities) in early December last year, and officially opened for business on February 2. Actively developing its securities business, about one month after starting its operations, the company joined hands with BOCOM International to serve as a joint bookrunner and joint lead manager for Human Health Holdings' IPO as well as its IPO underwriter.

In addition to IPO underwriting, First Capital Securities is committed to providing institutional and individual investors in mainland China and Hong Kong with a full range of securities dealing services, including stock trading and brokerage services, bond trading, and trading services in mutual funds and unit trust funds.

This IPO underwriting sees a further step forward in CFCG's new financial business and serves as another milestone in the Group's transition into a “full license” financial services provider.

The Group has previously acquired First Capital Asset Management Limited ("FC Asset Management"), a holder of SFC licenses for Types 1, 4, and 9 regulated activities (i.e., dealing in securities, advising on securities, and asset management, respectively), enabling it to provide high net worth clients with complete asset management services.

To further consolidate its advantage as a fully-licensed financial services provider, the Group is currently applying for an SFC license for Type 6 regulated activities (advising on corporate finance), to tap the investment banking business, create synergies with FC Securities and FC Asset Management and provide one-stop, fully-licensed investment banking services.

Human Health Holdings sold a total of 76.68 million shares globally at an IPO price range of HK$1.32 to HK$1.51, raising more than HK$100 million. The IPO activities in Hong Kong started on March 17, 2016 and ended on March 22, 2016, with the company being listed on HKEX Main Board on April 1. Its sole sponsor is BOCOM International (Asia) Limited. BOCOM International Securities Limited and First Capital Securities were the joint Bookrunners and Joint Lead Managers.