CFCG enters into a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University's Overseas Education College to accelerate the integration of educational resources at home and abroad


On August 30, 2016, a signing ceremony was held in CFCG's Shenzhen office for the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between CFCG and the Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, under which the two parties will work in close cooperation for the integration of educational resources at home and abroad. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Wilson Sea, CFCG's Chairman of the Board and Executive Director; Mr. Yan Haiting, President and Executive Director of CFCG; Ms. Sun Bo, Deputy CEO of CFCG; Mr. Jeff Zhang, President of First Capital Fund Management Limited; Dr. Sabrina Cheung, Partner of First Capital Fund; Dr. Liu Muqun, Chief Economist of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and President of its Overseas Education College (OEC); Mr. Shang Zhengang, OEC Executive Vice President and Mr. Wang Zhiliang, OEC Dean.

Dr. Sea offered a warm welcome to the leaders of the Overseas Education College of SJTU and spoke highly of SJTU's achievements in the area of education. OEC President Liu of SJTU highly praised CFCG's development strategy of investment in education after its business restructuring. Based on their shared views on the development of the education industry in China, both parties decided to join hands with each other and establish an in-depth strategic partnership, to jointly explore the potential in domestic and international education markets based on the integration of resources and consolidation of advantages in their effort to build a grand education platform with "one million alumni” having great social benefits and return on investments as their core objectives.

The two parties intend to cooperate in many areas, including integrating their respective educational resources, jointly building a new education organisation, strengthening core competitiveness throughout the education industry chain in terms of investment in education, education management, brand management, teacher training and so on. The OEC supports CFCG's efforts to create an international kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and other K-12 schools in order to develop the international education market in China. They propose to set up organizations to be listed, including a Center for Child Development, a K12 Education Research Center, a Principals' Training Center and a Bilingual Teachers Training Center, for the purpose of effective integration of resources at home and abroad and academic research, forums, and other activities. They will introduce advanced faculty management models, adopt a system that includes "double or multiple employed" professors, lecturers, and teachers, and provide training for "the principal's management of bilingual teachers", to establish and improve the faculty. The leaders of both parties said that this initial cooperation will result in a strong partnership, which certainly will lead to a win-win situation in the future.

The Overseas Education College of SJTU was established by SJTU as its directly administered unit engaged in high-end, professional, practical, and international post-qualification education, providing comprehensive education and training services to organizational and individual development. It is one of China's leading high-end continuing education brands with an international influence. The OEC has a mission in education that "adheres to its uniqueness of a focus overseas aimed at life-long education of a first-class brand." It relies on the fine tradition of SJTU in education and introduces high-quality educational resources at home and abroad aimed at exploring ways for continued development as a well-known school. Currently, it has developed cooperation programs with Churchill College of the University of Cambridge, the Leadership Centre of the Oxford University, the University of Toronto in Canada, the University of Otago in New Zealand, and the University of Applied Sciences Switzerland.