Singapore Raffles Music College and Xishan Education Group join hands under the support of China First Capital Group Limited


Recently, China First Capital Group Limited (‘CFCG’, stock code:, Singapore Raffles Music College and Xishan Education Group have signed an agreement, which the three parties agreed to join hands and work together as strategic partners, with the support of CFCG’s platform, to share quality education resources and to achieve win-win cooperation in education.
According to the agreement, CFCG will actively integrate high-quality education resources both at home and abroad, promote the integration of domestic schools with international education institutions as well as their demands; Xishan Education Group will provide Singapore Raffles Music College with opportunities to expand the Chinese market including enrollment, branding and other integrated service support; Singapore Raffles Music College will also assist Xishan Education Group in overseas cooperation, brand promotion, teacher training, school operation and other all-round collaboration.

Graph: Photo at the scene

CFCG has been actively investing in education, exploring quality education programs at home and abroad for the past two years, integrating international and domestic educational resources. Up to now, CFCG has invested in numerous education assets, including 58.3% of Xishan Education Group, which provides K12 education and vocational education services in China and 40% of Singapore Raffles Music College, which is the only private integrated higher education institution for music in Singapore with the main goals of nurturing application-oriented and well rounded talents for music performance, music media, music production, music management and dance performance.